Sapura launches campaign on the safety and effective use of cell phones

This groundbreaking “Cell Phones at the Right Time and Place” initiative aims to cultivate a novel cultural perspective surrounding device usage and foster an enhanced understanding of potential risks

In April of this year, Sapura took a significant step by launching the „Cell Phone at the Right Time and Place“ campaign. The primary goal behind this endeavor is to enhance employee awareness regarding the potential hazards associated with improper device usage, both in personal and professional contexts. Concurrently, the campaign seeks to evaluate the positive outcomes stemming from the integration of mindfulness into the daily operations of the organization.

In tandem with the production of elucidative videos, posters, and banners to propagate the campaign’s message, the company meticulously assessed and designated optimal zones for device usage. These designated spaces were then marked within office premises and on vessels, resulting in the creation and installation of approximately 80 informative signs across various areas of the company. The overarching aim is to instill a fresh perspective within the company’s culture, with the explicit purpose of refining and heightening the awareness of risks associated with cell phone usage. This encompasses situations within the workplace as well as beyond, including three core areas of focus: employing cell phones in offshore environments, within office confines, and while in transit (be it driving or pedestrian movement).

An eye-opening statistic reveals that on average, Brazilians devote 5.4 hours each day to mobile application use on their smartphones. This has propelled the nation to secure the fourth position in the World Health Organization’s global rankings for daily cell phone engagement. Regrettably, this surge in mobile device interaction has also led to an alarming 800% increase in accidents involving distracted pedestrians over the past six years. Additionally, 18% of vehicular mishaps are attributed to driver inattention precipitated by device usage. Painted against this backdrop, it’s disconcerting to note that the Brazilian Association of Traffic Medicine (Abramet) identifies smartphone use while driving as the third leading cause of overall mortality within Brazil.

According to Suelen Marquetti, the HSE coordinator, the ubiquity of cell phones in our daily lives has rendered their usage integral to our routine activities. However, a judicious approach to their utilization is imperative, given that these devices often demand a significant portion of our attention span.

„This is precisely why our company is so concerned, prompting the launch of this campaign. The primary aim is to sensitize individuals to the potential risks associated with something so ingrained in our existence that it’s almost taken for granted. It’s crucial to realize that when we allow our attention to be monopolized by these devices — whether while driving, cooking, commuting, or within a corporate setting — we’re not just endangering ourselves, but also those around us. Sapura’s campaign seeks to foster a conscious and responsible utilization of smartphones, effectively preempting accidents“, explains Marquetti.

Despite Sapura’s lack of prior issues related to cell phone usage, the company recognized the timeliness of this concern and its proactive approach to addressing it. The campaign was officially inaugurated during an international event at the company’s Rio de Janeiro office, featuring a comprehensive presentation by Rogerio Salbego, CEO of Sapura Brazil. Salbego elucidated the new safety program, entirely dedicated to navigating the complexities of cell phone usage.

As the campaign reaches its three-month milestone, it’s noteworthy that a remarkable 100% of Sapura’s workforce has already engaged with the educational video and accessed the diverse array of visual aids designed to stimulate introspection regarding the vital precautions while juggling attention between the physical and virtual realms.



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