Sapura opens new office in Rio de Janeiro

Close to completing 10 years of operations, the leading company in the subsea services sector celebrates a good phase of business and expands its area of operation.

In the year Sapura celebrates its 10th year of operations, the company inaugurates its new office in the city of Rio de Janeiro. With the new space, the usable area of the facilities in the state capital has practically doubled. Visitors and employees now have specific lactation/nursing rooms for mothers, a room equipped with shiatsu therapy, as well as relaxation space. Workstations have increased by 30%, and meeting rooms have increased from 3 to 15. Additionally, there is now a floor dedicated to engineering teams.

From an innovation standpoint, the key feature of the new office is the audiovisual studio, focused on video recording, audio streaming, and live broadcasting. The studio integrates an even larger integrated sound and video system throughout the office, also linked to internal TV, fully regulated from a tablet.

„Effective communication is a constant challenge for offshore companies, with employees always separated between vessels and offices, between off-duty and active work shifts. Sapura’s new structure makes sense because it expands our possibilities for communication and integration of our teams, as well as being a great tool for creating content open to the public and better presenting the company and its business to society through formats with very current appeal,“ says Rogerio Salbego, CEO of Sapura.

The new office also now features a much more modern and faster Network Operation Center, connected to Sapura’s big data analysis system, capable of maintaining real-time connection with all communication mechanisms on the fleet, able to live stream the content from over 40 cameras on each vessel.

„Overall, the new office enables different options for interaction and socializing among our employees. A much more pleasant, inclusive, and welcoming environment that reinforces our way of being and caring, a maxim that we are so proud of and that is part of our DNA,“ said Glaucia Maciel, Human Resources Director at Sapura.

Own and Modern Fleet

Sapura has its own modern fleet of 6 PLSVs vessels, initially designed and built to support, install, and launch flexible pipelines, with the capacity to work on highly complex underwater engineering projects. The company currently holds 36% of the national market for submarine pipeline installation and maintenance projects and, since the beginning of its operations in 2014, has maintained a high level of operational delivery, with an average uptime of 97.6%.

The fleet’s vessels have the capacity to store up to 4,000 tons of products. Each ship is equipped with two remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) capable of act at depths of up to 3,000 meters. With this technology and a team that combines experience and youth, the company executes an average of 12 projects per month for its clients.

Regarding workforce training, 45% of the offshore professionals currently working at Sapura have been trained and developed internally to fulfill their roles. The company also has Pipeline Launch and ROV operation simulators in its own training center, equipment responsible for training more than 400 employees. Additionally, over 2000 employees have been trained at the SEA Training Center – Sapura Excellence Academy. In 2023, there were more than 10,000 training days provided to employees, with over USD 1,540,000 invested in these training programs.

Responsible for the world’s first installation of a Wet Christmas Tree in deep waters (43 MT) – at a depth of 2,150m – using a PLSV ship, Sapura has handled over 5,500km of pipelines in Brazilian waters, enough to cross the entire territory of the United States from San Francisco to the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

All these indicators explain the company’s low turnover rate, as almost 50% of Sapura employees have been with the company for over six years; since 2018, it has been annually classified as an great place to work by GPTW, consistently ranked among the best companies in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

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