Seagems signs contracts with Petrobras for the 6 PLSVs, totaling $1.8 billion

Seagems has secured contracts worth $1.8 billion with Petrobras for six of the company’s PLSVs over the coming years. The scope of work includes providing subsea engineering services, flexible pipe handling, and other services using the PLSVs in Brazilian waters.

The vessels are equipped to carry out operations necessary for the installation of flexible pipelines, electro-hydraulic umbilicals, and power cables, whether new or used. These operations include loading, decommissioning, laying, anchoring, recovery, interconnection, vertical connection (first and second end) to submarine equipment, installation of submarine equipment, and hydrostatic testing at water depths of up to 3,000 meters.

The contracts were awarded to Seagems Solutions and Seagems Offshore, which operate the Diamante, Topazio, Ônix, Jade, Esmeralda, and Rubi vessels. The Seagems group is a joint venture formed by Sapura Energy and Paratus Energy, each holding a 50% stake.

The contracts have a duration of three years, commencing on different mobilization dates, with the longest contract extending until 2028.

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