Seagems vessel sets sail towards the Atlanta field in the Santos Basin to start EPCI project

In the first project signed as Seagems, Ônix vessel was loaded with flexible lines, umbilicals, and other equipment to start the EPCI project for Enauta.

Seagems completed the loading of the Ônix vessel after 14 days of work at the Port of Rio de Janeiro. The ship, which began loading on April 21st, and after a period of anchoring, is heading towards the Atlanta field, operated by Enauta, located in the Santos Basin, to start the practical part of the EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) project that the company does in partnership with shareholder Sapura Energy. This is also Seagems‘ first project after rebranding the brand.

The contract, signed in 2022, foresees a project to interconnect an entire submarine system (flexible pipes, umbilicals, and equipment), lasting three years and concluding in 2025. The project is long-term and was developed end-to-end by the Seagems and Sapura Energy partnership, involving everything from the development of strategic engineering solutions, the acquisition of materials, to the handling and installation of pipes with the Brazilian company’s ships – this last part begins now.

The vessel was loaded with 16.3 km of flexible lines and 12.1 km of umbilicals, as well as 170 tons of MPP (Multi Phase Pumps), used to increase pressure for oil flow from the well to the platform – also a groundbreaking installation for Seagems. „For us, this operation is a milestone and a source of pride. For the first time, we are part of the entire oil exploration operation, from project engineering, purchase of lines and umbilicals, launching, connection to the platform, to ensuring the first oil for Enauta, scheduled for August of this year. I believe this is just a first step for Seagems to take on projects of this robustness with other oil companies in Brazil and around the world,“ said Fillipe Ferreira, Projects Director of Seagems.

The project will demobilize the existing EPS (Early Production System), which is already in the Atlanta field, and redirect the flexible lines and umbilicals to the new FPSO Atlanta, as well as connect three new wells. Only the FPSO Atlanta will have the capacity to produce 50 thousand barrels of oil per day, doubling Enauta’s oil production in the Santos field.

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