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Number of women on board rises at Sapura

As we dedicate the month to celebrate women, equity is an increasingly present word in the company’s day-to-day operations.

Although diversity, equity, and inclusion have become increasingly present topics among society, the differences between men and women in the oil & gas industry environment are still vast. Despite a traditionally male market, however, companies have been making efforts to change this scenario and enhance diversity in the offshore industry.

Among the businesses that have been promoting gender equality and creating an increasingly harmonious, welcoming, and reliable environment, Sapura Navegação Marítima is a benchmark. In the last eight years, the percentage of female professionals hired hiked over 200%, from 5%, in 2014, to 16.6%, in 2022.

According to Sapura’s HR Director, Glaucia Maciel, the environment in the oil & gas sector is still mostly male, but the company works to transform its vessels into more diverse and inclusive spaces, especially for women.

“This percentage shows a great representation of women when compared with the beginning of operations, in 2014, and the market as a whole. Every stakeholder must take responsibility, not only the companies, but also the women and men working in the industry”, Ms. Maciel explains.

A report published by the Ipsos Institute last year with women working in several companies in the offshore sector indicated that for 90% of the professionals interviewed, creating campaigns and actions to disclose the relevance of gender equality and promoting recruitment incentive programs are fundamental to inspire other women to join the industry.

At Sapura for two years now, machine operator Rosilene Santos reveals that she always wanted to learn about and be part of the offshore world. Ms. Santos says she saw in the Merchant Marine a great opportunity for professional growth, and dreams of a future in which women can break barriers.

“I often say that Sapura is my second family, my second home. I feel proud to be part of an environment little known to us women. Nothing and no one is stronger than a woman determined to grow”, Ms. Santos stresses.

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