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Sapura announces new brand positioning and rebrands as Seagems

Approaching its 10th year of operations, subsea engineering leading company in the oil and gas sector modernizes its brand and aims to expand its scope in the industry.

In the year it celebrates its 10th year of operation, Sapura, company specializing in practical solutions in subsea engineering, rebrands as Seagems. The new name refers to the company’s 6 PLSV vessels, which have been named: Diamante (Diamond), Topázio (Topaz), Ônix (Onyx), Jade, Esmeralda (Emerald), and Rubi (Ruby).

“Our vessels bear the names of precious stones. And our professionals are our jewels. Hence the inspiration for Seagems. This transformation represents more than just a name change. The renewal aims to make our identity stronger and more unique, with deeper meaning. A crucial step to strengthen our organization’s image and enhance service delivery,” said CEO Rogerio Salbego.

Strategically, the company will continue to deliver all subsea engineering services, but now under a more organized dynamic, translated into the Seagems Offshore and Seagems Solutions fronts.

This new organizational structure will bring increased efficiency and flexibility to the company through the division between technical and operational activities (carried out on vessels), and administrative activities (project management and operational support), which, in addition to serving Seagems Offshore, will allow expansion into various subsea projects demanded by its shareholders, customers, or partners.

“We will have good opportunities for operation in international waters, operations in an asset-light model, which entails hiring vessels from other shipowners with idle time for Seagems spot operations, using our own expertise and professional team,” highlighted Salbego.

According to the Seagems CEO, despite the name change, employees will feel that their routine changes very little. The idea is for a smooth transition that maintains all benefits while adding some internal innovations.

“We are committed to conducting a transparent transition to Seagems, especially concerning our employees, who will have all their rights and routines ensured. Furthermore, our relationship with partners, suppliers, and clients remains the same,” Rogerio concluded.

The team of over 1000 professionals, divided between its vessels and three offices (Rio de Janeiro, Rio das Ostras, and Vienna), also remains the same, both at the operational levels and in executive positions, ensuring excellence in the services provided to clients.

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