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Sapura is the first Brazilian Oil & Gas company to earn the Green Treasury Sustainability seal

Through a solution designed by Grupo BMV, the company preserves a native forest area and is able to remove 126 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere 

Sapura pioneered in its area of operation and became the first Brazilian company specialized in undersea services to earn the Sustainability Green Treasury Seal. This solution designed by Grupo BMV certifies the company’s adherence to ESG (environmental, social and governance) practices. For this purpose, the company now offsets the environmental footprint of its offices in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Caxias and Rio das Ostras, in addition to fostering Sapura NET-Positive – a new way of doing business that gives back more than it takes out of society, the environment and the global economy.

Through Grupo BMV’s solution, Sapura prevents the emission of 126 tons of carbon dioxide and preserves more than 1,658m² of native forest. Moreover, the company manages to keep 43.45m³ of wood in storage, 5,446L/Year of hydrological flow influenced by preservation, and hundreds of species of fauna and flora are protected.

“For Sapura, it is a source of pride and a great responsibility to be the first company in the industry to earn the Green Treasury Sustainability Seal from BMV. We strive to be a role model in our field, and inspiring good examples targeting the environment and society is part of this. Investing in the Green Treasury Sustainability Seal gives us a competitive edge and generates an actual environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, in addition to the other 26 parameters included in the process”, says Sapura’s CEO, Rogerio Salbego.

Born of a joint venture between two multinational companies with unparalleled importance in their markets, Seadrill and Sapura Energy, Sapura is one of the main players in the Brazilian subsea engineering market. And it decided to hire Grupo BMV’s solution to go beyond simply neutralizing carbon emissions from its offices.

This investment is used by financing the preservation of native forest. To do this, farmers join the BMV program and undertake to preserving and protecting the forest. Soon afterwards, a team makes the inventory of the area, applying a methodology validated by scientists from the School of Economic Sciences at Unesp and registered at the UN (United Nations). This inventory is then registered in a blockchain.

“It is a unique product that adapts to all the requirements of companies and countries when it comes to ESG, allowing them to generate a ‘net positive’ in relation to carbon and incorporating 26 other environmental benefits, such as the preservation of fauna and flora species”, Grupo BMV’s co-founder, and chief operating officer (COO), economist Alessandra Umbelino, explains.

SGS (the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company) audits the entire process; therefore, ensuring that Grupo BMV’s Green Treasury certification to companies is adequate to ESG practices as an external action of companies, with positive impact generation, what is known as “net positive”.

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