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Sapura’s visual change reflects its view of the future

The rebranding of the Brazilian subsea services company is the result of business diversification and market optimism

Sapura introduces a new visual identity and the redesign of the company’s brand, highlighting a vision of diversified energy for the future and attesting to their experience as one of the country’s largest companies of practical solutions in subsea engineering.

The letter S is presented as the new symbol based on features that embody strength, movement and modernity, graphically evoking seabed structures in new shades of green and blue. It mirrors the company’s transformation, achievements and growth, meeting the excellent perspective of the domestic market.

The new positioning resulted from a process of co-creation and collaboration between different areas of Sapura, in partnership with Orla Comunicação Integrada, an agency headquartered in Rio de Janeiro. In the process, immersions were held with Sapura’s directors and employees to define the pace and energy the company intends to expand moving forward.

“Sapura is a Brazilian company founded just over a decade ago. It has just reached its maturity and we need to understand this moment – and work with it. These changes celebrate the new stage of development of a company that remains always current and innovative, in addition to identifying all the more with our values and purposes”, explains the President of Sapura, Rogerio Salbego. “The goal is to show that we are constantly moving forward, bolstering our culture and our soul. The new brand seeks to reflect the innovative DNA that has always represented Sapura”.

The company’s new brand and visual culture come forth in a time of social and marketing respite after two years of intense adaptation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, accompanied by a lukewarm performance of the oil & gas market worldwide. Sapura is taking advantage of this moment of renewal to sail at full speed.

The repositioning of the brand led to the company’s rebranding effort, which includes a communication plan with actions focused on the digital and social environments, as well as an endomarketing strategy.

The news announced by Sapura also includes the launch of the company’s new institutional website, which also follows a concept of innovation and modernity, delivering a more dynamic and objective browsing experience.

Nonetheless, the changes made by the company go beyond the visual aspects. Sapura recently presented new values and a new Code of Ethics, in addition to a new shareholder after Paratus Energy acquired the shares held by Seadrill, in November 2022. Moreover, Sapura opened a new office entirely designed and built by the company this year in Rio das Ostras, RJ.


About the new Code of Ethics

In April 2022, while fully committed to conducting their business with ethics, integrity and transparency and seeking the continuous improvement of their processes, Sapura updated the company’s Code of Ethics. The document is more straightforward and dynamic than the previous one and complies with the latest policies and procedures that will guide the company for years to come.

“Our code guides us in doing the right thing, be it in the way we conduct our business and activities, as well as our relationship with employees, customers and partners, helping us make ethical and correct decisions every day”, says Flavio Alves, Chief Compliance Officer.

In a robust project to reaffirm the company’s values, all employees now go through a series of courses based on the new Code of Ethics.


About Sapura

Sapura started writing their story in Brazil in 2011, when the company was founded and closed its first deal with Petrobras. In 2014, the company started operations with both Sapura Diamante and Topázio, which are Pipe Laying Support Vessels (PLSV) and, the following year, with the Sapura Ônix. In 2016 Sapura completed their current vessel fleet with the Jade, the Rubi and the Esmeralda.

In 2018, Sapura received the first Petrobras Best Suppliers Award and, in the following year, their first Great Place to Work (GPTW) seal. In 2021, after facing the challenge of the pandemic with integrity and determination, the company closed new long-term contracts for the fleet. Currently, Sapura accounts for 36% of the PLSVs market in Brazil.

Specialized in practical solutions in subsea engineering, Sapura operates on and under the seas, bringing solutions to the most diverse offshore demands of the energy industries. Each of their six vessels is equipped with two remotely controlled underwater vehicles.  The company is present in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Rio das Ostras, Duque de Caxias, Macaé, Vitória and Viena. Sapura is 100% Brazilian. It came to life through a joint venture between two strong multinationals: Sapura Energy Behard and Paratus Energy Services Ltd.

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