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Ten Seagems Projects to Mark Ten Years of Operations

In celebration of Seagems’ ten years of operations, we have listed ten of the most challenging projects we have delivered during this period.

Check them out below:


1- The installation of 11 Manifolds using our PLSVs

Developed by Topázio, this campaign took place between 2017 and 2023, involving 06 Subsea Injection Manifolds for Water and Gas (MSIAG) from the Pre-Salt, 03 Robotic Manifolds, and 02 Subsea Water Injection Manifolds (MISIA) Revit from Marlim. It was a significant subsea installation activity in Seagems’ engineering history, expanding the company’s service portfolio and building confidence for much more.

2- Installation of Auxiliary Table for Giant VCMs and 04 16’’ Jumpers

The entire project and development of our vessels’ Auxiliary Table were conducted in-house. This equipment serves to verticalize and assemble giant VCMs (Vertical Connection Modules) and was crucial in the campaign to install 04 16-inch jumpers by the vessels Diamante and Rubi in the RHAS project by Saipem / Gas Export Pipelines from the Iracema Sul, Sapinhoá Norte, Lula Norte, and Lula Extremo Sul fields, which occurred between February 2016 and May 2018.

3- Bundle Table & Dynamic Spreader Bar

Project and development of a solution for vessels with single laying systems to operate with double and triple bundle VCMs (Vertical Connection Modules). A success in projects with Petrobras and PetroRio/PRIO involving the vessels Diamante, Topázio, Esmeralda, and Jade between May 2022 and June 2024.

4- First BAP and WCT Installed via Cable with PLSV

In Jade’s operations, we were able to install, via cable, the first Production Adapter Base (BAP) in May 2017 and the first Wet Christmas Tree (WCT) in January 2018 using a PLSV in Brazil. For the first WCT, we worked with the MQC-Tool and used SEISMIC instrumentation through our ROVs, marking a pioneering engineering milestone. Subsequently, we installed six Guide Bases and 06 horizontal WCTs in Mozambique / Coral South / ENI with the Diamante, in the first offshore installation project on the East Coast of Africa, at a water depth of 1,780m. The project was executed in March 2021 and the installations were another milestone in subsea engineering.

5- Installation of the PLET / ESDV for P-70

In 2023, the vessel Ônix was responsible for yet another challenging project, the largest installation ever of a PLET using a PLSV vessel. The project was successfully completed to enable the activities of the P-70 Export Pipeline.

6- Support with Gangway Walk to Work

With the vessel Sapura Topázio, we supported the maintenance shutdown of Petrobras Stationary Production Units (UEPs), acting as a Maintenance and Service Unit (USU). For this, we installed a telescopic walk-to-work platform to allow the bidirectional transfer of workers.

7- First Installation with Provisional Abandonment of a Lazy Wave Configuration

In another unprecedented action, we were responsible for the first installation with provisional abandonment of a “Lazy Wave” configuration in history, a particularly stimulating challenge for the internal Analysis, Projects, and Operations teams, who developed the entire project with expertise and delivered it in perfect condition.

8- Recovery of Damaged DPRs over the CRT-037 Well

In 2023, using the vessel Sapura Ônix, we conducted an important recovery of Drill Pipe Risers (DPR) and Hydraulic Umbilicals (HU) that had fallen over the CRT-037 well. This was another pioneering work, as it had never been performed by a PLSV before.

9- Recovery / Modification & Reinstallation of the LAPA Giant MCV

In March 2017, the vessel Diamante was used to recover, replace the skirt, and relaying the Giant MCV of the LAPA Pipeline. The project was rejected by all other available installers due to the complexity and size of the MCV, which was outside the contractual/moonpool envelope.

10- Installation of Rigid Spools for Saipem

A project carried out with the vessel Sapura Ônix in March 2024, when we installed 05 Rigid Spools in the Búzios 05 Field in record time.



Instalação de Manifolds
MCV Gigante
Suporte Gangway
Instalação e abandono provisório de Lazy Wave



It is impossible not to highlight our culture and our ongoing project of qualifying the internal workforce (SEA – Seagems Excellence Academy). Through our structure, policies, and culture focused on education, training, and professional development, we were able to succeed in all the listed projects and many more. The training and genuine concern of Seagems over all these years is an asset that always deserves recognition.


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